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Celebrate! The beautiful, amazing You!

January 24, 2017
Celebrate YOU and your Beautiful Body!
Celebrate YOU and your Beautiful Body!


How often do you celebrate and rejoice your body?

How often do you feel absolutely at ease in your skin?

How often do you feel at peace with yourself?

How often do you feel in harmony with the world around you?

In working with women struggling with weight issues over the past 10 years I often ask these questions and the answer for most of them is 'never" to "not very often." I find that most of my patients feel ashamed of their bodies ... and that is an ugly truth! 

The Suffering goes Deep when we feel Betrayed by our Body

When I speak with over weight women about how they are feeling in their bodies the tears begin to flow. They begin to open up and share their true feelings, their dark inner secrets about the body that they hate being in.

This suffering they experience goes deep!  It goes far beyond the basic feelings of inadequacy that can come with having a rounder figure when the world breeds an ideal of something far different.



The Body as  Medium for Experiencing Life

Our bodies are our medium for experiencing life!  Our bodies are a temple that deserves our utmost care! I encourage my HCG diet patients to practice self-love and acceptance. I encourage my patients to nourish and nurture their bodies. Working with patients for months at a time, I get to see this self love blossom and grow. It is so rewarding to watch people learn to appreciate and give credit to their inner and outer beauty.

When we feel totally alive in our bodies ... life begins to change. This feeling of aliveness is something we often have to rediscover if we have abandoned our love for our own body.

The HCG Diet protocol is a tool that I use in my practice to help patients lose weight safely and effectively. As the weight begins to go, new patterns are being formed around food, we focus on self love and the world inside and out begins to change!


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