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A medical HCG DIet Success Story Portland, Oregon

October 1, 2013
The HCG Diet turned my life around
The HCG Diet turned my life around

Portland, Oregon


My name is Jason McMayden and I can honestly say that the HCG Diet truly changed my life.  My journey with the HCG Diet began in February of 2010.  I had eaten a huge dinner of pizza and bread one evening and went to bed feeling really disgusted with myself.  In the morning, I woke up and saw myself in the mirror.  I looked straight into my own eyes and said to myself, "this has got to STOP! I am ready for a transformation." 


Of course, my wife had expressed concern about my weight over the past few months as it had easily increased about 20 lbs. beyond the extra 7 lbs. I had put on per year for the past 7 years.  She was also concerned about my cholesterol being 399 and my blood pressure being 150/94.  Her nagging just drove me crazy altough I knew she was right.



The Journey to and through  HCG Diet

My first thought was to add exercise into my life.  I drove to the closest 24 hour fitness and got a membership.  My membership came with 3 free perosnal training sessions that I was so happy to use as I needed to have somedirection.  I began working out 3 days per week and after a month, I took it up to four.  I would sweat with each workout and after a few weeks it became easier and a total routine.  The weight was really slow to come off.  I was losing about 1 lb. per week.  


I had coffee with a friend one morning who had lost 60 lbs.  I was amazed when I saw him as it had been a few months.  I was curious as to what he had done to take the weight off.  He  told me of these doctors in NW Portland that lead a really incredible weight loss program called the HCG Diet. The diet sounded strange to me but he talked so highly of this place, these doctors and their program I had to find out more.


After, investigating the Natural Path online as well as the HCG Diet became quite intrigued. The next day, I called and spoke with Dr. Madda and he told me all about the HCG Diet, his HCG Diet philosophy and how the HCG Diet program worked. I decided to take a week to think about it and really do a few days of cleansing as Dr. Madda had recommended. The week of cleansing was tough as I had not had the best diet over the past few years. I was sluggish for 3 days and then a I began to feel better than ever with more energy and motivation to lose this weight and get my health back.


Two weeks later, I began the HCG Diet at the Natural Path with the guidance of Dr. Robert Madda and Dr. Cara Phillipo. I needed to lose 90 lbs. and they really guided me to that goal in such a professional, supportive and caring way.  It took 2 rounds of the HCG Diet to get where I am today. I waited 2 months in between to be sure that I could maintain my new weight and during that time I lost an additional 8 lbs.


It has been a year and 8 months post HCG Diet and I would say I am a radically different (and skinnier) person.    Honestly, I never thought I would ever know the ME I am today. 

My Final HCG Diet words

I can truly say that this HCG Diet turned my life around! My cholesterol is now 207, my blood pressure is now 125/82 and I am off of all prescription medications.  I eat well, I eat organic food and shop as locally as I can.  I take time to cook. I take time to eat my meals sitting down.  I take time to keep health as a primary part of my life!


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