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100 pounds lighter after the HCG Diet at The Natural Path

August 13, 2013
I feel like a new person after the HCG Weight Loss Diet
I feel like a new person after the HCG Weight Loss Diet

One year and 100 lbs. lighter with the HCG Diet at the Natural Path Portland

My name is Sharna Miller.  I began my journey with the HCG diet over a year ago in June 2010.  At that time, I weighed 265 lbs. and felt terrible about myself.  I avoided mirrors and there was not an hour that went by in my day that I did not mentally beat myself up about my weight.  A co-worker of mine began the HCG Diet and although she did not have more than 30 lbs. to lose; she did it and kept it off.  I was inspired to try this program.  I was also so scared that I might fail at it.  It almost felt like a last resort.I called one Monday morning and got Dr. Madda on the phone.  He told me the ins and outs of the HCG Diet.  He was so motivating and charismatic and I felt like I already had support.  I made my appointment to get started.  I told my husband that I was going to do the HCG Diet and he was very skeptical.  Dr. Madda had told me that he was welcome to come to my first appointment so that he could understand what the program was all about.  I needed his support as I embarked on this journey to lose weight on the HCG Diet. 


My first appointment for the HCG Diet.

My first appointment lasted an hour and a half and was so comprehensive. Dr. Madda went over the entire program, took a full medical history, did a series of physical exams, scanned my body and recorded my body composition and sent me home with things to do for one week to prepare for the HCG Diet program as well as a lab requisition for some general bloodwork.The following week, I came back to my appointment ready to go. I had my lab work done, I had read the Natural Path HCG Diert guide over 5 times and really felt like I understood what I needed to do. Dr. Madda reviewed my bloodwork and made recommendations based on some parameters that were out of whack. He had me do a practice injection which I was so afraid of and it turned out to be a piece of cake.

Beginning the HCG Diet

I began the HCG Diet with the loading days. I gained 3 lbs. during these days and ate a lot of fat. It was a nice excuse to eat a lot! I have to say I enjoyed it and by the second day, I was also ready for some low calorie fare. The HCG phase of the HCG diet was certainly a challenge for me, especially the first 10 days. I had very little actual hunger but my cravings for sugar crept up on me daily.Dr. Madd a helped me through with some Candida cleansing herbs and glutamine. By Day 10 they had resolved and then I hit a stall around my period. For 6 days I lost only .2 lbs. I was frustrated and scared that I had failed at the HCG Diet. Alas, Dr. Madda coached me through an apple day and I resumed losing consistently. I stayed on for 49 days and lost 37 lbs. In the stabilization phase, I lost 3 more lbs. of which I did gain back in the next 3 months. I felt so energized from this loss of weight that and the HCG Diet that I began exercising daily at the gym.Just with exercise and my new improved diet, I continued to lose a few more lbs. over the next three months to make my new total 42 lbs. I was ready for the next round ...

Round 2 HCG Diet

This time, I knew what I was in for and took the bull by the horns with the HCG Diet. I really loved the HCG Diet so much for changing my life and this time my husband did it with me.† It was amazing and I lost another 30 lbs. to make a total of 72 lbs. lost. Again, I continued to lose through the stabilization and maintenance phase of the HCG Diet and over the next three months my total loss was 77 lbs.

Round 3 HCG Diet

I had a goal of 100 lbs. to lose and in my third round of only 30 days. I was at 165 lbs. A dream had come true. The HCG Diet is really amazing and I encourage anyone who has weight to lose to give this a try. Dr. Madda is so supportive and will help you more than you could imagine through the process.


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