Dr. Cara Phillipo -- Naturopathic Physician


Co-creator and director of The Natural Path Integrative Medicine Center; Licensed Naturopathic Doctor and  author of the “HCG Diet Guide” & “The 7 Day Detox”

Dr. Cara Phillipo is a licensed, board-certified naturopathic doctor. She is a leader in the field of medical weight loss using the HCG Diet and other medically supervised modalities.  Dr. Phillipo has authored "The HCG Diet Guide" as well as many published articles on medical weight loss. She has facilitated over 1000 patients through the HCG Diet and  trains medical doctors throughout the US to facilitate medical weight loss and the HCG Diet into their practices.   

 In the past few years, she has become skilled in the art of treating hormone imbalances by carefully assessing lab work and symptomology to create a bio-identical hormone optimization plans for her patients. 

 Dr. Phillipo is known for her kindness, warmth and knowledge.  She treats her patients with utmost care and respect and creates customized treatment plans using a blend of evidence-based natural therapies in conjunction with conventional medicine to support the healthcare needs of her patients.